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    Fashion & Glam Photography - incredibly gorgeous portraits shot in an underwater environment by Jacob Sutton

    Nothing much more to say than these are stunning underwater portraits from photographer Jacob Sutton. Working in fashion and other commercial venues, Sutton's personal work is highlighted by this series of 3 underwater shots.

    Underwater portraits | Photographer: Jacob Sutton -

    Underwater Girl. Photography by Jacob Sutton (of 'snowboarder surfing at night with custom LED suit' fame)

    portraits | Tumblr

    Chalchiuhtlicue ("She of the Jade Skirt") was an Aztec goddess of love, beauty, youth, lakes, rivers, seas, streams, horizontal waters, storms, and baptism. She was also a Goddess of Childbirth and protector of labouring women. Chalchiutlicue's association with both water and fertility is derived from the Aztecs' common association of the womb with waters. This dual role gave her both life-giving and a life-ending role in Aztec mythology.

    I love how mysterious this photograph is! I like that some aspects of the Image are more focused than others

    Posing underwater is one of the hardest types of modeling. Creamy skin, blonde, flowing dress.

    Amazing underwater shot. Those lips!

    Behind the Surface - by Nadia Moro