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1939 | Aerial view of a DC-4 passenger plane flying over midtown Manhattan. An almost identical photograph from this shoot was published in the June 19, 1939, issue of LIFE.

Shuttle as it breaks through the clouds. Talk about a one in a million shot!


Rogers, Peet & Co. Aerial Map of Manhattan in 1879

Aerial Map for Root & Tinker of New York

The Boeing B-314 Pan Am Clipper was one of the most amazing aircraft ever made. It set the standards for long distance flight luxury that has yet to be surpassed. Up to 24 passengers could be moved across the ocean. The plane had bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, rec rooms and a separate section with beds for the crew. A skydome allowed the navigator to shoot the sky with a sextant to plot its position. The plane had stewards, cooks, a large crew that flew in shifts. Not one survives today.

Amazing Military Aircraft setting off defensive flares to confuse or blind heat seeking missles. I HATE war- but this is a fascinating photo!

Impulso a la exportación de aviones militares: Japón planea conceder préstamos de bajo interés de un banco estatal. Sería la primera vez que se aplica esta política desde el final de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

[View from the cockpit of an F-16, while flying in formation. This is the widely known aerobatics team known as the “Thunderbirds”.] ... Thunderbirds or Blue Angels ... I just LOVE this stuff! :D