• Anél Mostert

    Upside down bar stool for gift wrapping storage!! Such a good idea! :)

  • Kate Melloh

    Upside down bar stool to store wrapping paper!! Such a good idea! :)

  • Kellie Smith

    I know several friends with barstools sitting in the corners or garage...great idea! An upside down bar stool can act as an organizer for tall items like wrapping paper or even umbrellas and baseball bats.

  • Nancy Regan

    Upside down stool! Such a good idea! :) store your Christmas wrapping paper in your craft room.

  • Jess Vaughn

    When I get a craft space again...You take a bar stool and turn it upside down. Add wheels and totes for the scissors, etc. and put the wrapping paper in the middle...What a great way to have a portable wrapping station!

  • Kevin Wiseberg

    Upside down bar stool!! rolling wrapping paper caddy #organization #ideas #DIY

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