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Love this painted face. The purple goes perfectly with her hair too.

Face Painting :) This is hilarious :D kiss the froggy :D

I like the color pattern at the top but the dripping paint is cool too - kind of a live paint palate.

This is beautiful work, undisputedly, I am afraid I would be a bit hesitant to see it actually tattooed on permanently. To do this on a night out on the town, you bet. With a black outfit that had similar lace, like down the sides of a skirt, even the top. Hmmm, now I'm thinking of,,,, I'll have to get back to you on this umm, this idea I have. I'll post it back here, soon too.

England Supporter So Sexy With Body Art Red And White Painting - Painting - Zimbio

It was only a kiss...It was only a kiss... Hahaha

always down for some face painting

Insert corny "Two-Faced" pun here. HAving said that, this is very cool. It would be great for face painting to be a thing again. You're an adult now. Think of how awesome it would be!

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