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How to Make a Homemade Butterfly Feeder

by Jonathan Fong
Besides bringing a magical beauty to any garden, butterflies help promote growth by pollinating flowers. You can attract more butterflies to your yard with these DIY butterfly feeders – one made with a plate and one made with a jar – that also serve as attractive garden ornaments. Mother Nature woul...
  • Julie Loso

    Homemade Butterfly Feeder. Think "rotten" when choosing butterfly food. Butterflies like a variety of food sources, especially overripe fruit and rotting vegetation. If you own an apple, plum, cherry or pear tree, allow fallen fruit to ferment on the ground to create a favourite feeding spot. Look in the quick-sale area of your grocer's produce section, and you might even get the produce manager to donate one or two unsaleable pieces of fruit. #butterflies #gardening

  • Holly Jacobs

    Gardening Ideas / Homemade Butterfly Feeder

  • LoriAnn Pilot

    Homemade Butterfly Feeders: Encourage these gentle creatures to visit your yard by using easy-to-make butterfly food and feeders.

  • Melissa Williams

    DIY Butterfly Feeder - Projects to Bring The Outdoors to Life!

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How To Make a Butterfly Feeder, DIY

Homemade butterfly feeder I cover my plates with regular fiberglass screen and secure the screening on each plate with 3-5 big paper clamps. The goal is to prevent unwanted insects from getting UNDER the screening . The butterflies can feed through the screen, but unwanted other insects usually can't ( they will collect on TOP of the screens, but the butterflies generally ignore them ).

Homemade Butterfly Feeder, never even thought about something like this, we have tons of butterflies

Make a butterfly feeder. Something fun to do with my nieces!

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Make a Butterfly Feeder...Thread a cotton ball through the hole in the lid to form a wick. Fill your jar with sugar water. Cap tightly. Hang in garden. (Yes, the jar will be upside down) (1 Tbsp sugar + 9 Tbsp water, bring to boil, then cool)

Garden DIY Butterfly Feeder | This simple DIY butterfly feeder makes a wonderful addition to any garden or flower bed. Records show that the...

how to make a butterfly feeder -- instead of the wooden petals and bead on top, maybe a cute silk flower or two. also, paint the lid red (the butterfly garden in okinawa has red items for guests to wear to attract the butterflies!)

Great idea to attract butterflies we have done this it works It also attracts Baltimore Orioles!