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I want that puppy, but I never want to hear that song again.

That's okay...

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I am a Chihuahua Lover!  #CuteChihuahua #chihuahua

Chihuahua I Sombrero I cute I pet meme I funny pet picture

sprinkles make all the difference.

30 Animal Cupcakes Too Cute To Eat

'That cupcake is out of my reach, but who cares. It may be sour anyway'. This cute frustrated doggie saying to himself but still have his eyes on the cute cupcake.

if i haf to wait 1 more minute, i's take myself for a walk..

if i have to wait 1 more minute, i's take myself for a walk.

I will have a Hungarian Vizsla!!

Been telling Jeff for years. Whenever we get a dog I want a Hungarian Vizsla Pup like this one!

Establishing a puppy’s eating routine can be exhausting! A regular schedule will help your dog w/ the potty training process. (via 9gag)

Eating is tiresome

Funny pictures about Eating is tiresome. Oh, and cool pics about Eating is tiresome. Also, Eating is tiresome photos.

Groetjes terug.

I will raise my paw ( hand) to get rid of all animal abuse because I know it is not fair for little helpless creatures to be hurt in many ways! It is not fair. Remember everyone makes mistakes including animals! Just give them a chance.