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    Canadian Prepper came up with something he calls the "survival roll." Instead of digging through your bug out bag, you can just unroll this canvas bag.

    101 Gardening Secrets The Experts Never Tell You - There are SO MANY helpful gardening tips in this article!!

    How to Sew a Rolled Hem by Hand


    watercolor portrait tutorial

    Add 1 tsp. of liquid food coloring to 1 cup of water. Drizzle the colored water onto the soil surrounding the base of a plant. Wait 24 hours for the water to absorb. Apply another identical dose if the color change was not sufficient.

    Note to self: Petroleum Jelly also glows under black light.

    Vertical Succulent Planter. For a bare wall, such a planter becomes much like a living piece of art. Easy to grow plants include dudleyas and sedums. They grow very easily from cuttings. Once established, these plants require little water.

    The Color Thesaurus

    DIY Herb Markers

    Removing Popcorn Ceilings -- will be glad I pinned this if I ever move to an older home and need to remodel.

    I love Tiger Balm and always have. It has a cool, refreshing “zing” to it, and it has always helped with minor aches and pains or headaches of all sorts. The $6 price tag for a tiny jar was never a big issue, as a little bit goes a long way. But, I often wondered… [read more]

    Keysocks. For flats and heels in the winter months. Why am I just learning about these! The little footie socks never stay in place for me!

    hoodrat firminator?: Who knew... Window squeegee removes pet hair from carpets...

    The Color Thesaurus

    Color Basics :: HUES are the 12 purest & brightest colors forming the full spectrum ~ 3 Primary Colors; 3 Secondary Colors; 6 Tertiary Colors. A TINT (sometimes called a pastel) is any color with white added. A SHADE is any color with black added. A TONE is created by adding gray. Tones are somehow more pleasing to the eye, more complex, subtle & sophisticated. ...ღTrish W ~http:/...

    Cleaning your microwave is (almost) as simple as turning it on. | 28 Helpful Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People

    Your deodorant doubles as a mosquito bite itch queller. | 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner

    CoverBlubber - cover your perishables in a snap. Use it again and again to cut down on wasteful plastic wrap

    Put a mailbox in your garden to store your tools, I love this idea!

    14 Genius Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew Existed And Where You Can Get Them.

    The 8 in 1 Kitchen tool set cleverly combines 8 useful kitchen tools into a convenient long necked bottle shape. Ideal for the cook who has limited kitchen storage.

    DIY year round indoor tulips

    I don't think I could love this any more than I do.. The mirror was taken out to put in chicken wire to hold a little girl's hair bows! Could also be used in an adult room for pictures, letters, etc.!

    How I fit 30 outfits in my carry-on