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Ghadames, Libya

Detail of the nine muses from the Theatre of Sabratha, Libya.

Petroglyphs from Wadi Markhandoush, Lybia, 10,000 BC

Libyan girl, Libya, Africa.

Africa | A Toubou child. Southern Libya | ©Majed Egirra

Africa | Libyan girl in traditional costume | ©Majed Egira

The arch of Septimus Severus at the roman ruins of Leptis Magna, Libya (by Krefey).

Mohamed Yousef el-Magariaf (Arabic: محمد يوسف المقريف‎; born 1940) is a Libyan politician who is the President of the General National Congress. In this role he is effectively Libya's de facto head of state,[1][2][3] although the powers and responsibilities of his role are somewhat poorly defined in the current interim constitution, and the position of head of government is reserved for Prime Minister Ali Zeidan.

Libyan Anthem - YouTube

Flag of Libya

Libya desert by David Rombaut on Flickr

Desert Oasis In Libya

The roman ruins of Sabratha in northwestern Libya (by dario lorenzetti).

Hadrianic Baths, Leptis Magna, Libya

Amphitheater, Leptis Magna, Libya

Kabaw, Libya

Ksar Nalut, Nalut, Libya

The astonishing theatre at Leptis Magna, in Lybia

The Arch of Septimius Severus Leptis Magna Libya

Tripoli libya-not sure what it looks like now, though...

Libya, Africa

Africa. Portrait from Teniri Festival. Ghadames, Libya. © Sasi Harib.

Tripoli, Libya's Capital City