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sliding doors in chicken coop; this make perfect sense, less space than swinging open the door.

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Clever Chicks Blog Hop #91 featuring a Brinsea OvaScope Egg Candler GIVEAWAY!

Cheap and Easy Coop Shade Trellis


how to build a cheap chicken coop

Check out this Chicken Coop Plans PDF page that I have created just for you! If you were like my dad a few years back, you searched high and...

The door's lower edge sits a ways below the bottom of the outside opening when closed, so that raccoons and other pests will have a hard time getting their paws under it to open the door from the outside.

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Cheap and Eco-Friendly Chicken Coops

Cheap and Eco Friendly Chicken Coops

keep roosting area to one side of coop & make a door that opens from the outside for easy cleaning. Use sand under roost mixed with diatomaceous earth to keep external parasites down. Also feed diatomaceous earth to chickens to keep internal parasites under control.

chicken feeder and the link shows a water version with nipples. What I like about this is the wide top opening as filling would be easier.

4 Dollar Chicken Feeder & Water - BackYard Chickens Community cheap easy and feeds 20 chickens for a week

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A Cheap, New Run for the Baby Chickens

Five Little Homesteaders: A Cheap and Easy Run for Chickens