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    Titanic...How Jack Could Have Survived :)

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    • Stephanie Zoolander

      From the Titanic, Why couldn't Jack and Rose Figure this out?? It's sad, but even when I was watching the movie the first time I thought, "AH!There are Tons of ways they Both could fit on that thing!".

    • Mallory Levasseur

      Literally since the FIRST time I saw Titanic, its always bothered me that they both somehow didn't fit on that huge chunk of wood. If the main character in a movie is going to drown, at least make it impossible for him to live in the first place. Like, I don't know, maybe a SMALLER flotation device??? #somethingthatgetsmygoat

    • Melinda Allen

      SEE!!! Two people could fit. FACT. This is why I hated the movie "Titanic". Rose could've moved her fat ass over to let him join her on that board!

    • Cackle

      Jack could have been saved by Rose on Titanic. I detest this movie in all its vapid glory, but yeah, even I noticed there was room for both of them.....I THOUGHT THE SAME DAMN THING!!!!

    • Ali Lemkuil

      Jack and Rose could have both fit on that wooden plank…quite comfortably. what i think every single time i watch this movie.

    • Kelsey Martin

      Jack and Rose could have both fit on that wooden plank…I have said this forever. Titanic may be my favorite movie but damn, Rose was being quite selfish!

    • Kristine Lindsey

      Jack and Rose could have both fit on that wooden plank...quite comfortably...this made me laugh!!!

    • Lauren Reniker

      Ohhh my goodness! Titanic humor :) Jack and Rose both could've fit on the plank quite comfortably

    • Emma Hampton

      Hilarious Pictures Of Funny Stuff | Miss Autumn: Funny Things I love Tuesday

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