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  • Marg Shatzen

    I went to Japan twice, but never got out of the airports! I taught about Japan, and wanted to see it SO much. This is a view of the Sakura Mountains yoshino in Nara, Japan. The cherry blossoms planted around Washington, DC's Tidal Basin, near the Jefferson Memorial were a gift from the Japanese people, and they are exquisite trees and blossoms, but it would be FABULOUS to see them growing naturally, like here. Enjoy!

  • Christine Huelskamp

    Sakura Mountains Yoshino, Japan/PP, I love cherry blossom trees

  • Gigi Duarte

    Beautiful Natural Window - Flowers Places

  • Jessica Disturnell

    Love the Cherry Blossoms, beautiful!!! Sakura Mountains Yoshino in Nara, Japan

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Hiroshima, Japan- been there. love it, wish I could have seen it in the spring though :)

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Kikusakura is a type of Cherry blossom.It has about 100~200 petals. At Kenroku-en Garden,Kenroku-en is considered one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan. Kanazawa,Ishikawa-pref,Hokuriku region,Japan. by Lillakanarie

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Yoshino Cherry trees. When the blossoms fall in spring it looks like pink snow on the ground! Absolutely breathtaking!

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