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This super cute hairstyle takes less than a minute. All you do is once you have on your ponytail, in the middle you make a small opening so that you can slip the rest of it through. I wear it to school a lot, it's a great way to glam up a ponytail :)

25 quick and easy hair tutorials. Perfect for the days when I don't wash my hair!

All you have to do is put the headband on top of your hair (while your hair is down) and then grab your hair at the back and tuck it into the headband. The messier the better! -YES.

24 easy and pretty party updos - I looked through these and they all look very quick and simple to do! Has short hair and long hair styles! I really like them!

Unique and cute look by putting hair in a ponytail in the middle of your head. Adding hair from the side and twisting the ponytail into a low half bun. Using a hair clip or other hairpiece, covering the space on the other side..

I have long hair...I just have to figure out how to work it!

I just tried this! It works really well with layered medium-length hair too. It's so nice and easy C: - CMW