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So True...

He's going to be sorry he lost you..

R.m. drake

Forgetting what it was like.

Nice people love each other - and the sand beneath their toes! #romantic #holiday UK & USA #onlinedatingsite

The Good Vibe


"The loudest noise I ever felt was the ghost of a heartbreak roaring in my chest." (D. Antoinette Foy)



< /3 Maybe it was just bad timing? I just miss you too much to say goodbye forever. I don't meet people like you everyday

Creating myself... ~ Quote

True story

... this is the perfect quote to describe my life lately...i need to just let it naturally evolve...


* q u o t e *

one day

love quote

That s why you try to figure out what we are doing,,, get a life ,,, AS HE SAYS DUMMY ! LMAO


If you only knew the phone calls and visits. The long talks....what he has told me about you.....pitiful. When we drove to his family home that his brother owns...I knew then that he was a broken man that needs so much more than you could ever give him. Poor thing could never measure up to me and my life style. Both of you are very sad sad people who should spend the rest of your miserable lives together. He continues to Contact me. Tell your husband to quit calling me. Never loved him. What a j

life is messy