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      Big Oil Corporate Welfare

    • A Creative Mess | Micheile Henderson

      last 'political' post of the night. I really hate what is happening to this world. It happens because most people as long as they live in their comfort zones remain apathetic. Even worse is that many people criticise those who do care and are willing to stand up for their rights and the rights of the apathetic people that are chilling in their comfort zones. I know who history will honour. #occupy

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    9. I am very outspoken in my not so popular beliefs. Most of my friends are anti religion as well, although I associate with many religious people as well. i enjoy going out into society to try and promote atheism. -$

    How 'bout you?

    STOP SAYING "SUPPORT THE TROOPS" Compulsory patriotism does nothing for soldiers who risk their lives -- but props up those who profit from war ---- By Steven Salaita ---- And the profiteers make everybody afraid to say this!!!!

    please don't vote for more cancer

    someone else is busy at it right now.

    CHART: The Radical Right Shares Many of the Same Views as the Taliban and the Nazis

    go ahead

    ... and don't call Obamacare an entitlement. Entitlement implies a handout for something you don’t deserve. We pay for Obamacare... with our tax dollars!

    It's time for boots on the ground - SAY NO with your VOTE on November 6!

    We can vote these people away.

    despite that

    Ha-Joon Chang

    Empire struggling for social control.

    War on Women put in perspective

    In other words, they were supported by Mitt's parents. Tough life!

    Guess What Percentage Of American Children Are Living In Poverty. Seriously, Guess. Numbers like this make you wonder how much longer the United States is even going to count as a "developed country."

    burden of proof - gervais

    a big fucking difference

    This is why we can't have nice things. Not all of why but definitely a contributing factor.

    ~ Voter fraud is a Republican myth to justify suppressing Democratic voters.

    Don't shoot

    Doonesbury does it again - great Intelligent Design Sunday Comic!! - Democratic Underground

    So sad what you've done.