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Popples! I googled these not too long ago, hoping that they still made them somewhere -- but they don't. :(

Popples! My brothers ripped the head off of mine when I was little. They were supposed to buy me a new one. I am still waiting....

I had this purple popple when I was a kid ;) Popples pop in Popples pop out Popples pop in its what Popples are all about!

Popples! I remember that I was so fascinated by these - I would constantly roll it into the ball over and over!

Had one in my room as a teen -- they were still popular in the 90s. Vintage 1980s See Through Telephone / Retro Phone Works by MidMod, $25.00

Popples! Blast from the past :) Omg my little sister had one that gave birth to another one...that shit was so weird I'll never forget it!

80's Popples ♥ ♥ Pehmot, Kankaat, Lunch box:it, Lakanat, lasten vaatteet, lasten astiat posliini tai lasi, termos pullot käy myös.

Care Bears!! Gawd we had so much cooler cartoons than kids now: sponge bob, dora, handy manny, all CRAP! Care Bear stare, you know you wanna.