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  • Martim Mello

    A Photographic Portrayal of the Paintings of Balthus Hisaji Hara: A Study for 'The Room'

  • aka charlie

    Hisaji Hara Artist 原久路 - A study of "The Room"

  • Kelsey Eliason

    Photography | Unique : A Study of 'The Room', 2009 © Hisaji Hara, Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery

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“You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.” ― Jonathan Safran Foer

Shanghai 1937. The loneliness, danger & adventure of the traveler in the big city, in the modern world w/ old ideas. #vintage_photography #photo #black_and_white

Imagine if someone had told these girls back then that in 2012 they would be on the internet and being seen all over the world. | >>c.1936-1938 like this :)

Recreating childhood photos - hilarious idea but seriously...some of these shouln't have be reinacted. lol

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"All day long I have exciting ideas and thoughts. But I take up in my work only those to which my dreams direct me." Carl Jung from Memories, Dreams, Reflections

“If the private life of the sea could ever be transposed onto paper, it would talk not about rivers or rain or glaciers or of molecules of oxygen and hydrogen, but of the millions of encounters its waters have shared with creatures of another nature.” ― Federico Chini, The Sea Of Forgotten Memories