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    joseph scheer

    Lilly moth



    A pair of Io moths (male on the top) ~ The eyespots are reported to have some hypnotizing properties.

    Cithaerias merolina, Pinked-Tipped Satyr. What an amazingly beautiful butterfly. Love the touch of pink. Boy we have so much to learn, good thing we will have eternity to learn it. We'll need it.

    I love the see-through butterflies and moths. (Octauius Swordtail) (Lepidoptera, Riodinidae, Chorinea octauius)


    Cecropia moth


    Luna Moth

    exotic moths and butterflies of the world - Bing Images


    Beautiful moth of the day: Spotted Golden-looper Moth aka Yellow Moth (Dysphania sagana)

    gorgeous luna moth....I know it says, moth, but I'm sticking it with my butterflies...they're all related.'s too beautiful not to pin!


    Chinese Comet Moth Actias dubernardi

    Elephant Hawk Moth


    Madagascan Sunset Moth is prized for its jewel-like iridescence which is due to optical interference resulting from the alternating layers of air and chitin. You can demonstrate this by placing a drop of oil on a butterfly wing. Oil, which has a refractive index similar to chitin, replaces the air, and the wing turns dark. #Madagascan_Sunset_Moth