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After reading Little Cloud by Eric Carle have students use their imagination to create a cotton ball cloud.

A nice and simple, easily done rain jar. Explores the concept of clouds absorbing water until they are too heavy...

Clouds and Evaporation-Use cotton balls and steam to teach the water cycle.

Change cloud - looked like spilt milk art from paint to cotton balls for type of cloud...?

This is a blank opposite book that you can fill in as a class or you could have the students do in partners. If you do it as a class you could tit...

How Clouds Work by danmeth, via Flickr

Here's a spring-themed area and perimeter activity. Students use grid paper and a straightedge to create a spring-themed shape with no gaps or overlaps. Then they calculate the area and perimeter of the shape.

Make A Cloud, with this fun science experiment for kids. Learn what three things a cloud needs to form and make your very own cloud in a jar!

How Clouds Work by danmeth, via Flickr

It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's cumulonimbus! Look at all the different kinds of shapes, sizes and patterns the clouds make int he sky! Here is a great way for children to learn how to identify the many fluffy wonders in the sky!