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Crepidotus A common little bracket fungus. And there speaks the scientist. It's very clear that these are stairs to that fairy house

Mushroomclimber | Amazing Pictures - Amazing Pictures, Images, Photography from Travels All Aronud the World

a Snail on Magic Mushroom "and just exactically whooo are Youuu?" puff puff

#Mushrooms. Photo by Jose Antonio Diz Orge via Biologist Barbie (bin laden documents) via ~~~

Shaggy Pholiota Fungi - Most members of the genus Pholiota are wood-rotting saprobes with brown to cinnamon brown or rusty brown spore prints, gills that are attached to the stem but do not run down it, and rings or ring zones. (by Dr Keith Wheeler)

I Have always had an obsession with fungi. Their structure has such a complexity and is so delicate. Have always loved photographing it. Along with the rest of nature...... SD