The Chinese construction company Broad Sustainable Building Corporation has plans to build a 220 story skyscraper in a span of only 90 days.

world's tallest building, sky city will break ground next month in china

Cloud Corridor futurismus kunst massives bauen

The big use of glass and green plants helps to tie the ground level in with up levels. [Original:MAD Architects unveil futuristic Cloud Corridor skyscrapers for Los Angeles

urbanismo - Pesquisa Google

Ken Yeang's Human Research Institute The Aesthetics of Green Buildings Green architect Ken Yeang may be to skyscrapers what Buckminster Fuller was to houses. The Malaysian architect's visionary approach to green building bucks the mainstream, embracing

MiX Tarhka, Ultra Modern Architecture. SPIRAL

Abu Dhabi's Spiraling Helix Hotel

Concept for the Helix hotel in the Zayed Bay district of Abu Dhabi, UAE from Leeser Architecture. Called the Helix for its spiraling floors, the hotel is located in the bay and sits partially over the water.

Città della Scienza: barrio autosuficiente para Roma. El arquitecto Vincent Callebaut ha diseñado una pequeña ciudad autosuficiente para una zona militar de Roma, teniendo en cuenta muchos aspectos sostenibles. Añadimos una selección de las mejores imágenes renderizadas, y los seis aspectos fundamentales que caracterizan a esta planificación urbana, que por cierto está repleta de vegetación. #Arquitectura, #Sostenibilidad, #Urbanismo

Vincent Callebaut’s City of Science in Rome is turning a former military district into a self-sufficient urban ecosystem

Alternative Car Park Tower 01 Alternative architecture of car park in Hong Kong. Project winner of Alternative Car Park Tower Mozhao Studio .

Bee inspired - Vertical farm and a residential building

Beautifully Buzzworthy: 12 Designs Inspired by Bees