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"Good deed cards" for kids. Punch holes for good deeds, and once they do 10 they get a treat. I would maybe set some ground rules first though (maybe a hole punched if they did all their chores one day, etc, rather than for EVERY good thing they do)

Chore "Rewards" a chore, get a punch. Get 12 punches, get a surprise. Very cool incentive idea for home!

Punch Cards! I plan on making my own for Taegan. So many possibilities for these! Stay In Bed, TV Tickets, Good Deeds, Chores, Reading, Potty Training, Good Grades, etc, etc! The kids fill the punch card(s) and get a reward. I think this is a fun alternative to a chart on the wall. There are some freebie punch cards on the web if you don't want to buy them or make your own.

Chore "Chart" for kids - one they can take with them while they accomplish they're daily chores :) From another sweet blog: (Biblical Homemaking: free printable chore cards & tutorial)

chore cards, print, laminate, hole punch, and put on a book ring (office supply section at Wal-Mart). Store in magnetic pencil box on fridge. They do the chores in order, flipping the card to the back when completed.

Printable Job Cards {Printable Chore Chart} Each week, assign each child their own job card.  They check off the jobs throughout the week and at the end of seven days you will have a relatively clean house.  Each card has a reminder at the bottom: If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right!

Oh SHUT UP! Chore cards... a punch card idea for EXTRA chores that the kiddos help you with (on top of the ones they are expected to do anyway). Not a bad idea ;D

Yes! I have struggled putting together a working chore chart, and here are at least the pictures I need! I'm probably going to tweak the actual set up of the board, but this takes care of SOO much work!