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Expendability: Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Ensign Ricky all beam down to an alien planet. Guess who's not coming back.

Queen knights Patrick Stewart...with a bat'leth. (It's Photoshopped, but ask me if I care!)

The actor – famous for playing Capt. Jean-Luc Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" – officially became Sir Patrick Stewart when he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace. June The Queen used a Klingon sword.

Another version of Olly Moss's Star Trek poster The Trouble with Tribbles. Genius.

The limited-edition posters by Olly Moss go on sale Friday on the Mondo website . Trouble With Tribbles: Spock will b.

Wil Wheaton (Wesley), Sir Patrick Stewart (Picard), and Brent Spiner (Data) at 2012 Montreal Comicon

Wil Wheaton, Sir Patrick Stewart & Brent Spiner at Montreal Comic Con. Haha I love wil Wheaton in this ;

love Kirk's reaction

14 Nerdy Pics for Your Monday

Star Trek: The Original Series by ~Walker82 on deviantART - a day in the life of captain kirk

The newest in my Star Trek photo comic series. This time it's up to Kirk & Co! The people who did read my other comics know which "mystery" character will make another guest appearance.

Star Trek: Next Generation reboot...of only this would happen, I love that Picard would be Picard, I mean who else honestly

Star Trek: Next Generation reboot. Yes. OMG Tom Hiddleston as Data. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Picard is irreplaceable.