"Happy Birthday" to Snoopy & Woodstock


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Learning/education-One of the most important things I want to accomplish in my life time is to graduate high school.

Happy Birthday

┌iiiii┐ Happy Birthday

Snoopy and Woodstock (for Jacob) Jacob has a stuffed Snoopy he has had for YEARS!! He couldn't say snoopy at first, he called him opieo. we still call snoopy opieo. I love you Jake!

with my buddy...

Happy New Year to All the Wonderful Pinterest Friends!

Happy birthday to a very special friend (brother) enjoy your special day...and we will get together for some drinks.....may God bless you with many more years to come.....xo D

Snoopy and Woodstock say good night

happy valentine's day

Snoopy & Woodstock

Happy Birthday

Do what makes you happy, Snoopy.

Snoopy & Woodstock

snoopy <3 lol

Snoopy and Woodstock go swimming.

Happy Birthday