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How to Google like a boss.

Buscar en Google es muy fácil, pero buscar en Google como un Jedi y encontrar los que se busca de forma más rápida y certera tampoco es mucho más difícil, sobre todo con esta chuleta: Comillas (“”) hace una búsqueda exacta...

from MochiThings

Mini Color TV Sticky Note

These Color Bar Sticky Notes bring back the old memories of the television color bars. Once you run out of sticky notes the mini TV could be used as a frame for your photos! $5

from Etsy

Trespassers Will Be Eaten by Zombies Metal Garden Yard Sign



Phonetic Alphabet II

My husband has a radio license, and knows all of these like the back of his hand. I am always in awe when he recites letters expressed this way. Known formally as the NATO phonetic alphabet or the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. Spiffy.