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New Years Resolution Display -- This Year I Will... -- learn to bake, learn to knit, get online, put my finances in order, travel, spend more time with my family (library activities instead of books), become a better reader, get in shape, eat healthy, get my taxes done early, become a better athlete, try something new, listen to an audio book, eat healthier foods, get more exercise, lose weight, quit smoking, get organized -- Add and Remove topics as you wish.

No Time For Flash Cardsfrom No Time For Flash Cards

Books About China & Chinese New Year

Good Books about China & Chinese New Year for Kids

15 Fantastic Audiobooks for Grades K-8 - When it’s reading time, you don’t necessarily think about students pulling headphones and iPods out of their desks rather than a worn paperback. But audiobooks can be a fantastic learning tool, especially for beginning and struggling readers. We asked our Facebook community to share some of their favorite titles to use in the classroom. Discover their favorites below.


Free Audio Books and Why You Should Try Them

Free Audio Books and Why You Should Try Them | listening & reading: a multi-sensory approach to reading that works | me, for @Scholastic


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better late than never~

Interactive New Years Resolutions book display! I covered the display table in different goals, like "Be nice to my brother or sister", "Save money", "Learn a new skill", and "Clean my room", and invited kids to 'vote' by putting a star sticker on the thing that they are most excited to do in 2015. Then I stocked the display with Juvenile Nonfiction titles for all the different resolutions, like art books and cookbooks.

Here's a fun graphic organizer to use with older students. The parts of the Story Hat Map include characters, setting, conflict, resolution, and theme. Many of Dr. Seuss's more advanced books would work well with this story map.