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Naill Horan, easily one of the cutest boy band members ever ;) and he thinks he is ugliest in the band just because of some stupied person that said he was the ugliest in the band ............................/..:.. Words hurt

Harry Styles on X Factor and now! Now One Direction Are the biggest boy band on the planet

I love when they wear scarfs :)

Excuse me while I go scream and fan girl at Niall trying to do Gangnam style :))))

He is super adorable, and he can sing, and he plays the guitar! Can he get any more awesome?!?!

he looks like a newse! Like he should just break out a Brooklyn accent "who want some papes?" And sing about wanting to movie to Arizona

Niall Horan <3333333333333333333333 favoriteeeee :))))))))))))))))))) i <3 all of them tho :)

Niall and I are perfect for each other for sure <3 I love you even though you don't know who i am #DeterminatedForYouToFindOut