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Why we need sex ed. Cause there is nothing like hearing a friend who teaches 8th grade, say "It's February and none of my students are pregnant! Last year I had 3 by this point in the year." True story.

As a Texan, I know firsthand that abstinence only education is a failure. My school taught me that having sex with one person is like having sex with hundreds of people, and that condoms have an 80% failure rate. These lies are not what we need to teach our children.

While as a Christian I believe that abstinence before marriage is the wisest choice, I also understand that not everyone is a Christian… Thus why sex education IS important…

I think I'm going to move to finland so my kid has less a chance of being an obnoxious little shit... Why There's No Homework In Finland...

Medically accurate and comprehensive sex ed is more important than ever! Read The Pin (Amazing Women Today & Another One in the Current Affairs Boards) About What Elizabeth Smart Says About Sex Ed & The Training They Get For Abstinence & SHE SUPPORTS CHANGE NOW!!!

Homeschool High School Requirements for Higher Education Goals

What's the connection between the amount of money a country spends on education and the performance of its students? Not as much as we'd hope, unfortunately.

Sex Ed. For Special Needs Students: Lesson #8 of 10 - I feel so blessed that my "Best Health Curriculum" has touched the lives of thousands of students…After many teacher requests for a "Special Ed." version, here it is!! This is lesson #2 of my “3-Week Sex Ed. Unit for Special Needs Students,” which you can find at: www.teacherspayte...

LEARNING by USAID: Investments in Education provide a 'multiplier effect', compounding the returns in other sectors; with more education comes increased health, economic growth and food security. #Infographic #Education

Character Education Posters for Elementary - In our class, we are - Reminders for students!