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Muro Sanjo Park, Nara, Japan "When we seek happiness for ourselves we receive chaos instead. Yet when we strive to make others happy, we ourselves receive happiness. The more we share with others, the more we receive. This is the secret to happiness. Now you know, live it today. Give when you want to take. Show mercy when you want to judge."

#despertar Tudo aquilo que a mente moderna não consegue definir o considera louco. ~Carl Jung; "Psychology and Alchemy,"1944.

Labyrinth made from stones. Would love to do this in my backyard.

Labyrinth... wish I knew this was. I'll research and change this when I find out.

Garden Labyrinth: an ancient walking prayer. Walking toward the center, let go of concerns, stresses, distractions. Stay a bit in the center, open to clarity and insight. Walking back out, find renewal and refreshment.

Chartres Labyrinth, this doesn't really fit just on this board, but walking a labyrinth again this weekend reminded me of how much this symbol means to me

Incised on pavement- do you know what lays beneath your feet? #sarahlyn

I can't help but think of David Bowie in spandex, tall boots, and a frilly shirt!

Garden Labyrinth... When you just want/need self time. Meditate for as long as you like!