Bridesmaids Show Off Butts

Groom's nightstand picture. Unlike a boudoir shot, it's actually able to be displayed.

Where you met all your bridesmaids. Cute idea.

hahaha- adorable - Bridesmaids flash a "secret message" at the groom as they come down the aisle..

Choose a seat, not a side.

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wonder if the bride and her bridesmaids know what the groom and groomsmen are doing behind them lol!

5 Creative Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids:

Silly pictures bridesmaid-duties funny

Personalized hangers for bridesmaids so they don't get their dresses mixed up! DIY for WAY cheaper than you can buy! super cute.

groom gets the album the morning of the wedding...

Get bridesmaids to pose as they think groomsmen do and vice versa haha

Even mismatched works for me as long as they are muted tones like this. Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses - cute photo idea

tutu's instead of flower girl dresses

Bridesmaids vs. groomsmen flip cup tournament...absolutely love this idea. Plus lots of other ideas!!

Photo of the groomsmen as your bridesmaids. Hahahaha! Love it!

how cute!