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    I'm a fruit loop on a world of cheerios is gonna be my senior quote.

    Emperor's New Groove always has applicable quotes!

    Broseidon, god of the Broceans


    OMG, this is so funny

    Some clean jokes from Playboy. I actually LOLed at some of these

    My parents are definitely convinced I'm a sociopath. I told them, "When hiding a dead body, hide it under a dead animal by several feet when you bury it so when the police pick it up, they'll think it was a false signal from the dog and they'll never look there again." I don't even watch crime TV, my parents are that concerned.

    The name of the show was Sagwa. It had to be one of my favorite shows as a kid!

    The last comment.

    Why do I find this so funny?


    Sadly so true! #night owl

    Dan Tad forever

    Jake, who's always one step ahead: | 25 Dating Profiles That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Love Life

    Tumblr on hygiene: | Community Post: 19 Times Tumblr Asked The Really Important Questions

    Soo funny

    Tumblr loves Chris Evans. Shoulder to waist ratio of a dorito. I love it.