DIY dress

Dress Codes & What They Mean – His & Her Guide To Appropriate Attire For Each Dress Code

DIY twist wrap dress!!! love these

DIY bags! SO cute!

pretty pastels

NOPE I am not wearing this, but you might find it a good idea! Man's shirt transformed into a woman's dress. Ingenious!

How cute is this?! DIY

DIY stuff that I'm probably too lazy for but still want to pretend I might do someday.

DIY T shirt

Hot pink LOVE

DIY maxi dress: an old tank top and whatever fabric you want.

diy skirt

Can't decide whether this belongs with sewing project inspiration, or just plain cute style! Will be a long-term goal.

DIY Inspiration: Maxi Skirts


6 DIY Kimono tutorials - Andrea's Notebook Thankyou - been meaning to look for kimono tutorials online and you saved me the bother, so now I can make one in time for my hols - out of a lovely old sari!

The Sexy Maxi Dress

dress dress dress

DIY T-Shirt Dress! Awesome for favorite team's shirt for swim suit cover-up