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    In 1991 the television program 60 Minutes speculated that French people’s consumption of red wine may be responsible for their low incidence of cardiac disease. Americans jumped on the bandwagon; red wine consumption in the United States rapidly increased 44%.

  • Hugo Esteves

    Vinho do Porto: The most famous alcoholic beverage of Portugal. A fortified wine that is made from the grapes of the Douro region. Its taste is sweet, usually drank as an digestif or dessert wine and can be red, white or tawny.

  • Kris Bradley

    Wondering what wine to serve with your Thanksgiving meal? Check out these wine pairings for common foods!

  • Strannik Ocharovanny

    Wine tasting has become a very popular hobby over the years. Wine isn't simply a drink for rich, snobby people. Now, all kinds of different people enjoy this beverage. If you have an interest in wines, read the tips below to get you started on your wine journey. The tips presented here should help both novices and experienced wine tasters.

  • Sej Dar

    Ask the Wine Wise Guy: What's the Best Wine Gift to Get Someone Who Doesn't Drink That Much?: The Daily Details

  • C W

    Kobe Beef Scam, Part 3: Why The U.S. Government Wants You To Buy Fake Foods

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The perfect dinner party! By the way...the tall glass had Cabernet in it. But I drank it all ;)

Photos of Tokaj Wine Region, Tokaj - Attraction Images - TripAdvisor Tokaj is liquid gold!!! Yum!

Whatever you least this wine kills my boredom

HOW TO BLUFF YOUR WAY THROUGH A WINE TASTING EVENT! - Singles, did you know that attending a Wine Tasting Event, Party or Tour is a great way to meet other Single People. If you don't much about wine... don't worry we have information that can help you. - From Amazing Singles - the Hottest Singles Resource on the Web… visit www.amazingsingle...

Part 2 of interview with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is all about cooking and eating, from the experimental techniques of molecular cooking and more. Anthony explains how to avoid getting food-sick in exotic locales and why he’ll never again drink cobra blood out of a snake’s still-beating heart. NYU Nutrition Professor Marion Nestle tells how to avoid food-borne illnesses here at home, and co-host Eugene Mirman shares his advice for curing viruses and the common cold.

@DrinkItYourseIf: Red wine, diced strawberries, Sprite and ice...perfect summertime drink by the pool. SUMMER TIME DRINK!!!:)

Eat like an astronaut NASA SHRIMP COCKTAIL #FLVS #menu #food #space

"For those who may ask what they can do to honor Neil, we have a simple request. Honor his example of service, accomplishment and modesty, and the next time you walk outside on a clear night and see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink."

Asteroids & Earth

The Salt of the Earth (Part 2): Dietitians warn us to limit our consumption of sodium-rich foods, but just how many ways does salt season our lives? Neil dishes with Mark Kurlansky, author of “Salt: A World History,” about the dirty secrets of salt in our food. Neil and co-host Eugene Mirman savor some other connections between salt and biology, from the origin of life on Earth to the possibility of life swimming in the salty ocean on Jupiter’s moon Europa. (Click picture to hear show)