i know that look!

Patrizia Burra ♥www.jsimens.com -helping families worldwide

Smiles are priceless #happy #children #joy

Boys in Black and White #photography

Somebody is not happy

LAUGH..till your side hurts & let people wonder what you are up too..as we r all still kids at heart..

Beautiful Charcoal--try on black paper and w/colored chalk

peachskin by nirrimi joy

"Oh, did you say NOT to jump in the puddle?":)

Portrait, 1963 • Jeanloup Sieff

The beautiful faces of Mongolia. #travel #asia

500px / Photo "Portrait b" by raquel lopez-chicheri Photography, black and white, b, boy, kids, boys, family,

- Не тежи...

Vietnamese girl by Jom Manilat

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By Quim Fabregas Elias: a beautiful portrait of a sad 15-year-old bride marrying her cousin, and not being able to go to college as she wished. #people #faces #world #portrait #culture #personality #character

Stunning work

Portrait of 98 year old Uzbek woman. Samarkand, Uzbekistan, Central Asia.Слънчева... She just makes me smile!