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    harmonise the mind...the nature of human nature

  • Julia Gorday

    Left Brain, Right Brain :)

  • Inner Flow Counselling | Wellness

    Our ultimate goal is to live life with a balanced brain where we capitalize on the unique gifts of each of our hemispheres. Do you practice yoga or meditate? What different techniques do you use to "Step to the Right" of your left hemisphere brain chatter in order to live a more balanced life? ~Jill Taylor

  • Nora Salem

    10 Brain Damaging Habits You Should Stop

  • The Front Porch Art Studio

    Narcissistic Vicim Abuse - One would wonder how the victim tolerates living with an abuser who is so intolerant and hostile. For healthy relationships, tolerating intolerance is neither acceptable nor possible, but for the victim of narcissistic abuse it is vital for survival.

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Daily Trading Psychology term - Cognitive Dissonance: Cognitive dissonance is the mental conflict that people experience when they are presented with evidence that their beliefs or assumptions are wrong. Humans have the tendency to go to extreme measures in order to protect their belief structure. Cognitive dissonance can lead to irrational decision making as a person tries to reconcile his conflicting beliefs

My favorite paradigm Google Image Result for upload.wikimedia....

A History of Personality Psychology: Part 1

The Psychology of Scarcity | Psychology Today ... A scarcity mindset narrows our time frame, causing us to make impulsive, short-term decisions that increase our difficulties in the long-term, like putting off paying credit card bills or not opening the envelopes, hoping they will magically disappear.

Social Commerce Psychology infographic "The thoughts that underpin social shopping work at a fundamental level that plays with our cognitive biases. Psychologists have defined 6 universal heuristics (mental rules of thumb) that are evident in shoppers."

Personality types - prone to mental health conditions.

#7 is slightly higher in males and intrigues me most, but is sad to watch! It is easier to understand someone with a poor personality, when you realize that a person will laugh at error if they often make mistakes, laugh at physic if they struggle with weight, and take notice in others faults if they are a broken individual!

There's only one person who has ever found where I'm ticklish...otherwise, I'm not. No panic here.

Psychology Today - A Guide to the Highly Sensitive Person by About Judith Orloff, MD