• Nikki Castillo

    Abstract Watercolor Tattoos: Multicolor hummingbird

  • Diana Foote

    Amazing hummingbird tattoo. #tattoo #tattoos #ink think this would make a cool elephant

  • Sarah Wilmoth

    hummingbird tattoo idea

  • Alex's Humara's

    Amazing hummingbird tattoo. again i dont think I could ever commit to having a tattoo but this is just so dang cool Amazing hummingbird tatt...

  • Ulises Block

    bird #tattoo design #tattoo patterns

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I love everything about this tattoo. The only kind of black and white I would ever get

I feel like, this would piss off the person giving you and IV if ever you were in need of one!!

Chen Jie, tattoo artist. I love these black daisies. Also, amazing watercolor style tattoos on the site too.

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The symbol above represents inner peace and tranquility . The symbol has hundreds of years of history and means something a little different to each person. Life is so precious and if we all don't stop, breath and appreciate, it will be too late. So take a few minutes everyday to pause and have a moment of inner peace and meditation. Whether that means closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths. Ohm. Peace. Namaste


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Enso Lotus - I love the Enso and this one is a favorite because it includes the Lotus flower. Symbolism of the Enso includes enlightenment. One symbolic meaning of the Lotus, related to Buddhism is fortune. This design is by Aaron Robinson.