Peaceful, serene moment in the outdoors feeling the cool water on your bare feet~SRG

Afternoon rain...


This picture shows a lady sleeping under the covers. Since we can only see her messy hair and her arm, this could suggest that she has been moving around in her sleep and/or she has been trying to go to sleep. Also, the fact that her head is not on the pillow could suggest how DISORDERED her position might be.

Mysterious Mist, misty, trees, beauty of Nature, water, reflections, silence, peaceful, photo b/w.

Letting rain fall on your face <3 :) :)

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rain rain go away!

Brenton Salo #Bicycle

Rain Love.

beach days ahead....

Just be in the rain


Dancing with the light

Morning light

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let it rain!

Idéal après une bonne de cueillette de champignon.

Birthday boat ride.... DEAR RYAN: please please please please please please please.