Luna Moon Hare at the Winter Solstice~

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Painting Hares in Moonlight Limited Edition Print | eBay

This is very poignant to me as my son and I saw a hare run across a lawn in the middle of a built up area this morning! Beautiful picture of a little hare for those children who like fluffy animals. "Moon Hare"

Winter's Dream by Amanda Clark - wow!

Winter Solstice: At the #Winter #Solstice.


Hare and Moon - by Susan Seddon Boulet.

Moon hare.

Amy Brown #WinterSolstice Postcard #ShadesOfBlue


magical hare

The myth of the Moon Gazing Hare reflects ancient beliefs. Pagans believed that seeing a moon gazing hare would bring growth, re-birth, abundance, new-beginnings and good fortune. The hare is known to be sacred to the goddess Eostre and eventually became known as the Easter bunny.

Yolanda W. Rabbit is teaching her young son, Mackley, the fine art of genetically altering the common carrot so that under the full moon light, it will yield Carotenoidants. Once mature, the mutants will not only nourish their particular vitamin A needs, but also follow their biddings.

Rabbit at midnight.

luna moon hare at winter solstice

Solstice Hares

East of the sun, west of the moon by on @deviantART

Hare of the Dog ~ Canvas Wall Art Print by Will Bullas ....

Moon: "#Star Falls," by ~Ebineyland, at deviantART. #Crescent #Moon #Boat.