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Super nice piece of faux painted pine furniture; Maine c. 1830–1840 You can search the image gallery of the folk art museum in NY here : www.folkartmuseum...

wonder if there is enough wood around the outside of my old hollow apple tree to make something like this.. heart of mine be still (this one is for sale at Urban Hardwoods

see more tips @ woodcarvingillust... tool sharpening Attach a thin piece of leather to your wooden honing tool to increase the tools durability

Quick Tool Honing From Faye Burden, Madisonville, Ky. Before I started carving, I used a June Tailor self-healing mat when cutting quilt squares with a rotary cutter. After cutting for a long time, I realized that my cutting blade was staying sharp; apparently the self-healing mat was abrasive enough to sharpen the blade. I tried it with my carving tools and it worked well. I didn’t need to apply any honing compound, water, or oil to the mat. Just make a few cuts into the mat with your tool to quickly touch up the edge. I keep a 5" by 5" mini mat in my tool bag so I can use it anywhere.

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Spoon Oil - For treating wood countertops and wooden utensils

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basics @ wiki

Mora Sweden $20

Oh something for everyone here ...

Right-Handed Hook Knife The Hook Knife blade is curved, similar to a gouge, for working in hollows with ease and fast stock removal. The handedness (right or left) is designated by pulling the tool toward you. Length of blade incl. shank approx. 33 mm Length of handle approx. 120 mm Order nr. 320506 Price ✱€ 19.90


Scoop iron for cutting wood with a pulling stroke

"Kirschen" (Two Cherries), the leading German manufacturer of wood carving tools

From left to right - 2 each: Small Japanese Carving tools - Set nr. 313007 Standard size Japanese carving tools - Set nr. 310620 All steel Japanese carving tools - Set nr. 310621 Chip carving knives - Set nr. 310622 Violin maker chisels - Set nr. 310623

Swedish Mora full round knife

crooked knives w sawmill bandsaw steel


more bent knives