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DIY home brew rot killer for wood. Since I want so much wood in my house

There are ancient logs in the rafters. Some are cracking due to dry rot and have been sistered to new strong wood for reinforcement. This is the recipe I used to make a wood preservative solution. Home-Brew Water Solution of Borates: Based on U.S. Navy specs, a ration of 60% borax and 40% boric acid gives the maximum solubility of borates in water. A mixture of 65% water, 20% borax and 15% boric acid (by weight) will yield a solution containing 15.8% borates.

fiverr – hire people to do little things for $5. -- i wonder if i can come up with an awesome enough thing to charge people $5 for :)

Learn how to joints from the original cabinetry masters in this book from 1922! Read Modern Cabinet Work on the DIY Collaboratorium's Woodshop Books page.

Well, this is almost as dangerous as pinterest! Online store for discount craft and decorating this site! Totally Inexpensive!

An entire website of cool DIYs...sliding barn door, lamps, sewing projects, etc.

from Cool Tools - a website that has so many texture tiles of all kinds as well as lots of shape sheets and other tools for use with polymer clay and pmc.