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  • Javier Mira

    Martin Oeggerli Revealing The Secret Life Of Pollen


    Macro photography, plants and pollen, Macrophotography on Magazine

  • Organic Gardens Network™

    Pollen (really close up!) Pollen is basically a carrier for dried plant sperm, released into the air in the evolutionary hope that it will settle on another plant of the same species looking for some male seed. Individual pollen grains are tiny enough to be picked up and transported by the wind & are the main cause of seasonal hay fever. The structure of the pollen grain shown in this photo is fascinating and shows a beautiful natural form built around the organic efficiency of natural design.

  • a gryphon

    If you suffer from hay fever, you can now get acquainted with your invisible enemy. These are the Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of pollen grains captured by Martin Oeggerli. Take a close look at pollens from different species of plants.

  • Lois Russo

    Close up of Pollen courtesy of Mother Nature Network

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