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My comment exactly :)




so true.

Funny Confession Ecard: There must be some kind of law that I have to spend at least $50 in order to leave Target.


Funny Pictures Of The Day – 91 Pics

Now THIS is funny.

if you never jumped from couch to couch to save yourself from the lava then you didn't have a childhood - e card

Oh, I'm sorry - Did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours? I'm totally using this in class tomorrow!

46 Funny E-Cards - Clicky Pix

'Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. ''Look at this bitch eating those crackers like she owns the place.'''

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Haha! I like my stickers! :) It's a nice reminder for all the mo's on the road that there is a family inside of the car, plus it helps me find my van in the sea of other mini vans.

Create your own e-card in seconds. It's hilarious ! via