Talking Tattoos With Kel Markey, Maria Borges, Ira Chernova, and More Models on the Rise

Another Dandelion Tat w/ birds

More wishers.

Free Yourself

Pretty shoulder tattoo


heart shape

butterfly tattoos

Very delicate dandelion #tattoo I actually wanted to get this at one point in memory of my mom and cousin

This is beautiful. Can be taken as ink blots or paint drips. Being that I love creating pen and ink drawings, this has to be one of my favorite tattoos I have EVER seen. Very unique. Makes me want to take my giraffe spots on my arm up and across my shoulder and back. and turn them into ink splatters

"The worst thing is holding on to someone who doesn't want to be held on to." #tattoo #tree #birds #flight #words #quote


shoulder tattoo

Shoulder tattoo?(: love this and it goes along with what I do!

Like these shoulder tattoos


Sugar skull design! My next tat will be similar to this! I'm getting it on one of my calves but haven't decided which yet!

white shoulder tattoo