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<3 Definition of a Long Distance Relationship. I basically say this to my bf every other day, minus the f-bomb.

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8 Surprising Ways Music Affects the Brain

So true!

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#177 - noodlesxftw

sigh ~> [b]HANDLE WITH CARE[/b] -JRA [i]This is a perfect night to me Just you & I snugglin' in front of the TV[/i] Just hanging out with our PJs on Watching "Law & Order: SVU" all night long [i]Do you feel it beating?[/i] Do you hear what it's saying to you? 'Cause mine is fleeting and [b]I think I'm falling[/b] Oh Oh Oh This could be [b]L[/b]-[i]O[/i]-[b]V[

Music can take me back to the happiest and darkest times of my life, the times I'm dying to re-live, and the times I forgot.