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Hermann Nitsch

Hermann Nitsch, 122. Aktion, Burgtheater, Wien, 2005 (Foto: Georg Soulek); blood

Galigo robert wilson's set design - #scenography #design #setdesign #theater #theatre #lightdesign

Sanguine, blood, sweat, tears and the ocean.

European sand sculpture festival in Noordwijk.

Eurydice - hanging bulbs and reflective flooring

Set design #theatre

"Richard III", set design by Rufus Didwiszus

modern woods set design

Thieves (Diebe) von Dea Loher Regie Andreas Kriegenburg Place Deutsches Theater Berlin Bühne: Andreas Kriegenburg Kostüme: Barbara Drosihn Dramaturgie: Claus Caesar, Juliane Koepp

Norwich Puppet Theater "Puppets are our ancient alter egos, our storytelling selves" KB Love this take on the shadow/human puppet

“Rei Ayanami 綾波 レイ” by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto* • Blog/Website | ( ........... ) ★ || CHARACTER DESIGN REFERENCES • Find us on www.facebook.com/CharacterDesignReferences and www.pinterest.com/characterdesigh Remember that you can join our community on www.facebook.com/groups/CharacterDesignChallenge and participate to our monthly Character Design contest || ★

La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

La Orestiada

Lisa Bufano - is a disabled American interdisciplinary performance artist whose work incorporates elements of doll-making, animation, and dance. After losing her fingers, thumbs and lower legs, Bufano began her performance and dancing career when a professor at the University of Linz doing research on the lives of amputees...


Pina Bausch dance theatre

hermann nitsch performance piece


Carlotta Ikeda, Thierry Malandain | Danse | Festival Le Temps d’aimer la danse | Biarritz. Biarritz Culture