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I love the wall mounted paint brush organization. It's easy to see each brush and they would dry well after cleaning. LA CUISINE DE L'ARTISTE

This is precisely how my paintbrushes are stored. I keep a pic of my grandmother next to them who was an artist, she made a good living doing oil portraits in her time. I keep a bottle of oil for cleaning, and A tin cup to dump the oil in. :D Wonderful

Paint brushes! On a slightly deeper note, it's amazing to think that the work of art has a permanent impact on the very instrument that creates it :)

Art is what makes me who I am. I had to stand up against my parents to be able to follow my dreams. Independence and creativity!

I want to pick up a brush today (maybe real, maybe digital) and lay down a stroke of colour. Something that changes the space and energy around me. What colour would you pick?

Using a thing you already love for some useful purpose is very smart. Yes, you can just display pottery, but you can also use the pieces as holders of various kinds.

Art is amazing. Draw, paint, color with crayons, anything! There's just something so healing about getting the things we're holding inside onto a canvas. Even if you're thinking "but I'm not a good artist." That doesn't matter! You don't have to show anybody - do it for yourself.