the beauty of plain brush strokes #art #white #minimalist

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nude pink

Anthony Pearson

In the middle.

Lucio Fontana - This is art??? Give me a knife, let me stab the wall and slit it downwards, and then I can call it "art".

✖✖✖ white #polaroid ✖✖✖

Matthew Stone

Photography \\ girl on a seat

a line on the surface of something along which it has split without breaking into separate parts

silence | Joseph Tarigan on Flickr


I need to learn how to do this! Super chunky knitted blanket | Little Dandelion.

jon phillip sheridan

Blues, whites, greys.

Golden gloppy texture - Shanna Daley, ShannaCreations on

Enso - Zen symbol of Absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the Universe, and the void; additionally it also represents the Japanese aesthetic itself. As an "expression of the moment" it is often considered a form of minimalist expressionist art.

Toilet, bathroom designer accessories: toilet paper holder, papertaker white

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