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      Prepared NOT Scared!: Ark Prep 101 - Part 9: How Do I Use My Food Storage in My Everyday Recipes!

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      Prepared NOT Scared!: Ark Prep 101 - Top 100 Items List!

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      Prepared NOT Scared!: Top 100 Items List for emergency preparedness

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      Prepared NOT Scared!: Ark Prep 101 - Infant Care!

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    You can only go 3 days without water. Would you know how to filter and purify water if your life depended on it? Here are some methods you can use anywhere.

    water storage. Awesome infographic

    Use 3 to 5 tea lights under a slow cooker pot / crockpot to heat your room. I have tried flowerpot, plantpot heaters and this is way better. Throws out a lot more heat, doesn't smell like some clay ones tend to do, plus you don't have to mess about with multiple pots or nuts and bolts. I used a small crock 1.5ltr which gave out loads of heat. Give it a try. You will be surprised how well it works. Ideal if you have power cuts / power outages.

    Converting a regular toilet to emergency toilet is easy, cheap and could bring some normality into any disaster situation.

    terra-cotta space heater.... several ways to do it, can heat up an entire room. Going to keep a supply of pots and candles on hand, to warm each room in case the power goes out this winter!

    Generator Shed

    This invention will "enable anyone to get water from deep wells without electricity or to pump volumes of water from shallow wells. In just a few minutes of pumping daily into an overhead storage tank, an entire household’s water needs can be met, enough for watering livestock and irrigating gardens."

    Emergency Preparedness Checklist~ for the survivalist who is not yet prepared to live off the wild.

    30 Pandemic Essentials by Food Storage Moms

    50 Survival Items You Forgot To Buy | Urban Survival Site

    Not a bad list. Obviously do not have to have those specific brands.

    His & Her Bug Out Bags

    Being Prepared - 5 Ways To Prepare For Unexpected Disasters -Unexpected disasters come from any direction. For many, there is no warning. An earthquake or tornado may happen in moments. For others, such as regional fires, floods, and storms you might have several days to prepare. The more prepared you are in advance the greater the chances of surviving and overcoming the disaster. Unexpected disasters come from any direction. For many, there ... -Posted on January 26, 2014

    How you can use trash bags in your emergency prep: Rain poncho, Waterproof gear storage, Ground cover, Heat water/makeshift shower, Haul stuff, Toilet Liner, Protect shoes & hands (makeshift boots/gloves), Shelter, Insulator/Blanket, First Aid, Gardening, Bedding, Markers (flag tape), Food Storage, Body Bags. Stash a few in the car!

    For power outages: use solar yard lights as night lights indoors. Safer for kids than candles and they last a long time!

    5 Water Storage Tips Everyone Should Know

    LDS Preparedness Manual - free download. This Manual has 222 packed pages of info.

    How To Make Endless Hot Water Without Electricity

    help surviving

    Are you prepared for a real disaster? Here's a plan. For your survival kit, use a portable container such as a large, covered trash receptacle. If you store your liquids at the bottom of your container, you’ll reduce the chance of damage from leaking plastic bottles. Put food, first aid kit & clothes on top. Easy to grab & go if needed.


    Emergency toilet use without flush ability. remove water. Line pot with trash bag. Have a pail of wood ash, quicklime, kitty litter or sawdust available so that after each duty is done, the offender can sprinkle a liberal amount over it. This will keep the stench down.Finally, when the bag is filled up 2/3 the volume of the bowl, add a good amount of quicklime, wood ash or use dirt with a little bit of a chlorine solution sprayed in it. Seal bag, replace. Store in sealed bucket if possible.

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