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Best Kids' Apps Pick: Wonderopolis

Remember the stage of life when toddlers start every single sentence with “why?” The questions upon questions about anything and everything are when kids are learning about world around them and trying to make sense of everything. If your kids haven’t grown out of this stage of life (or you haven’t ...
  • Meg Moore

    Best Kids App Pick - Wonderopolis. From Parenting. Learn a cool fact or question each day..

  • Jeana Lee Tahnk

    Kids (and adults) can learn a new fun fact every day with Wonderopolis. Do you know how much a rain cloud can hold?

  • Parenting

    Wonderopolis- The perfect app for curious kids, with hundreds of crazy facts!

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Start Your Day With a Wonder "I used to do a Morning Message each day; I wanted something that was fun, engaging, simple to do, and involved the kids more. That's when I found one of my favorite resources, Wonderopolis. Wonderopolis is a free site that shares a short video each day. The videos are engaging for students and encourage creative thinking. My kids love getting into the classroom each day to see what the new Wonder will be for the day. "