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Violin paintings by famous artists: The green violinist, The fiddler, Marc Chagall; Guitar and violin, The violin, Juan Gris.

Marc Chagall. Jinete de circo. 1927

Chagall, me vuelve loca. 'The Circus Rider' - Marc Chagall…

Marc Chagall - Lovers In The Moonlight

Marc Chagall, Lovers in the Moonlight ~ "Only love interests me, and I am only in contact with things that revolve around love." ~ Marc Chagall Plus

Prints by Marc Chagall Circus | MARC CHAGALL, From: "Le Cirque". Lithograph in colours, 1967, on ..

CIRCUS / Marc Chagall Belarus From: "Le Cirque". (d) Lithograph in colours, on Arches paper,

Marc Chagall - Composition, 1912.

Marc Chagall - Composition, 1912.