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Or Sweetie, Sweetness, Darlin, or Sugar Plum.... It's all Love ya'll

Just in case you are new to all this, we have a little cheat sheet disguised as art for your wall. Available on

Phrases of a Southern lady! (Warning: some statements have more than one meaning!) // reminds me of @Lara Casey :)

God made all creatures beautiful... He just spent a little more time on Southern Belles :)... Life in the south quote - South of the Mason Dixon Line - Maryland to down yonder! #Southern lady

Southern Sayings Above Your Raising Southern by MySouthernAccent, $6.00

I once offended a New Yorker living in Nirth Carolina by calling her darling! True story - LA

Be pretty if you can, be witty if you must, be gracious if it kills you.

Southern Belle Quotes | All I Want Is To Be A Southern Belle / southern quotes - Google Search

oh honey, bless your heart. Southern women know what this really means. and I do too :'D

I stick to Rule #5 without even realizing it. When I get to a door, I'll wait for a complete stranger to open it for me, purely out of habit and upbringing. The beauty is that they open it for me!