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This is so me, that it is ridiculous!! {Looking back; I find that this is where my anxiety has effected me the most; when I want so desperately to sleep.} 1-22-13

nurses - remember you said you were chilly as you were trying to clock me with your left and screaming for me to leave. I sure hope you are more comfortable!!

This is what I imagine when you talk of your experience with nursing classes.

Here’s something special for the NOC nurses in case anyone ever asks what on earth you do all night

I love being a nurse, and knowing I'm the only one who will find this humerus(get it?).

Oh great - just what you want to hear as you get the needle ready!

what happens with patients, makes me feel bad.

don't forget about the wide ass

haha So true. Especially after you've had a baby and haven't had an rest. "Sleep when the baby sleeps, except I'm going to come in here every 30 minutes and ask if you need anything or to take your blood pressure with a machine that doesn't work right so we have to do it 5 times in a row."